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Oleisea - The natural plant food

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Provide a powerhouse of:

► Natural Growth Enhancers
► Natural Growth Promoters
► Natural Growth Regulators
► Antibacterial & Antifungal Microbes
► Proteins
► Vitamins & Minerals
► Essential Amino Acids
► Abscisic Acid
► Antioxidants 
► Gluconic Acid

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That can lead to an:

► Increase growth speed
► Enhance root development
► Reduce root rot
► Reduce foliar disease
► Higher tolerance when under stress
► Increase leaf chlorophyll content
► Promote nutrient uptake
► Enhance photosynthetic pigments
► Reduce soil bulk density
► Increase soils organic matter     

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thanks for the love! ❤

Finally! A natural product that actually works! I’m so excited to see new growth during winter. It's easy to use and I highly recommend. 

S. Werba

My wife's plants are healthy and growing well. Happy wife happy life. 

B Rothwell

Oleisea is a great product. The growth my plants have produced over winter due to this product has been phenomenal. Very happy with it. What a game changer! 

E. Walker

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