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A controlled experiment was completed using Peperomia Polybotrya leaves. These leaves were cut from the mother plant at the same time (give or take a few seconds) and are the same size. 

The leaf on the left was soaked in Oleisea (1 level scoop mixed with 1 litre of distilled water) for 12 hours whereas, the leaf on the right was placed straight into distilled water only. 

After 12 hours both cuttings were placed into fresh distilled water where they received the same light, the same water changes (every second day), the same amount of water etc. 

After 34 days the final photo was taken of the root development. Both cuttings are viable however, the cutting soaked for 12 hours in Oleisea had substantially more roots then the cutting placed into water alone. 

Scindapsus Exotica 64 days of growth

*22/6/2020 to 25/8/2020

Red Stripe Maranta 64 days of growth*


Heart Leaf Philodendron 64 days of growth*