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How often do I use Oleisea?

Use Oleisea with every second to third watering. For more sensitive plants like Ferns and Orchids, use Oleisea at half strength (1 scoop per 2 litres of water). For plants that require nutrient deficient soil like carnivorous plants, we do not recommend using Oleisea.

Can I use regular tap water?

We recommend using Oleisea with distilled water as regular tap water can contain added elements that may cause damage to your plants. However, if you currently use regular tap water and are growing successfully, then we recommend adding Oleisea to your current watering preferences.

How long will Oleisea last?

We recommend using Oleisea within 12 months of opening. Store in a cool, dry place away from moisture.

Why do I have to shake Oleisea?

Oleisea is made up of soluble and non-soluble components. To evenly distribute the non-soluble ingredient, we recommend shaking your container to mix the product well.

Can I use Oleisea in a watering can?

Yes, you can however, as there is a non-soluble component you may find it difficult to evenly disperse the product through the water. We recommend beginning with a completely dry watering can and adding Oleisea before the water. Agitate thoroughly and use immediately. We do not recommend storing Oleisea after it has been added to water.

Can I use Oleisea in the garden?

Of course! Your garden and outdoor plants can benefit from all of the incredible ingredients of Oleisea too. We do not recommend using Oleisea in your garden if you garden contains plants that require nutrient deficient soils. Keep in mind that if your garden contains any sensitive plants, Oleisea will need to be used at half strength.
If you have any questions that haven't been covered here, don't hesitate to message us on the Contact Us page.